Adjusting Accounts

***Disclaimer: Adjusting account balances is intended for increasing or decreasing the amount a traveler owes, aka their "balance". This is NOT intended to be used for refunds or altering the amount a traveler already paid***

Navigate to the 'Passengers' list on the left-hand side of the trip dashboard, or search for the passenger in the search bar on the top of the page. 

Click on your passenger, navigate to the party passenger details, and scroll past passenger actions. Select “New Balance Adjustment”

On the adjustment page, select the passenger from the dropdown. A description is required. 

Select ‘Discount’ or ‘Surcharge’

Discount: Decreases the total amount owed for the trip
Surcharge: Increases the total amount owed for the trip

Enter the dollar amount you would like to adjust and hit 'Issue Adjustment'

You will then see the adjustment placed on the traveler's account. 

Cancelled Traveler Showing an Amount Due
This process is also used to cancel out non-refundable amounts on travelers who have been canceled and the system still thinks their account has an amount due. 

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