How Do I Move Funds from One Passenger Account to Another?

Occasionally, you may need to transfer funds from one passenger to another. Here are a few examples:

1.  A passenger wants to transfer funds to another passenger because:

a. They are on the same account as another passenger and the payment went to the wrong passenger. (i.e. Dad paid $400 to himself when he meant to make the payment for his son, Josh.)

b. They are on the same account and want to adjust the amount paid by each person. (i.e. Mom has paid $500 on her account and her daughter Susie has only paid $100. On May 1, each account needs to have paid $250. So, Mom wants to transfer $150 from her account to Susie's account.)

2.  A passenger cancels and wants to transfer any refundable money to another passenger.

Transferring Funds Between Passengers Using Manual Refund and Payment:

Click 'Passengers' on the left side of the trip dashboard. Or you can search for a passenger with the search bar on top of the screen.

Select the passenger you want to transfer money FROM by clicking on their name:

On the Passenger Party Details page, click on 'Refund' to begin a manual refund:

On the next page, work from top to bottom. First, select the passenger on this account that you want the money to transfer FROM by clicking their name from the dropdown menu that says 'Passenger'. Keep in mind there will only be multiple passengers to select from if there are multiple passengers on this account (i.e.: mom created one account, but has two children going on the same school trip. Both passengers would be on one account and you would select which one to transfer money from with the 'Passenger' dropdown menu). 

Next, select which charge you'd like to refund from the 'Charge To Refund' dropdown menu beneath that.

Go number-by-number to work through the rest: 

  1. Select 'Manual Refund'
  2. Indicate the amount of money you want to transfer (can not be more than the amount you indicated in the 'Charge To Refund' Dropdown.)
  3. List a reference number for the transaction if you have one
  4. List 'Transfer to (Name of passenger who will receive the funds)' in the 'Reason' field
  5. Click 'Issue Refund'

Next, go back to the passengers page and click on the passenger who will RECEIVE the funds

Create a payment to the passenger who is receiving the funds:

  1. Indicate the amount transferred FROM the previous passenger
  2. Indicate this is a 'Manual' payment
  3. Write a note that says 'Transfer from (Name of passenger who will is transferring the funds)'

What If A Passenger Cancels And Wants Their Funds Transferred?:

First, click 'Passengers' from the dashboard in the left-hand column, or search for them in the search field at the top of the page.

On the passenger page, click on the passenger you need to cancel (aka the passenger where the the funds will be transferring FROM)

Click 'Cancel' on the Passenger Party Details page.

Review the refund that is due to the passenger including details about non-refundable amounts and whether or not the passenger purchased Trip Protection. The numbers in the green square indicate exactly what was paid, what's non-refundable, and how much the passenger could be refunded. 

Go number-by-number to work through the rest: 

  1.  Indicate this will be a manual refund
  2. List a note that this is a 'Transfer from (Name of passenger who will receive the funds)'
  3. Check this box to consent to the cancellation (and acknowledge that it's permanent)
  4. Click 'Cancel' to complete cancelation of this passenger and continue to transfer the funds to another passenger

You'll be taken back to the Passenger Party Details page. Your next move will be clicking on 'Passengers' in the upper left column once again.

Click on 'Payment'.

Go number by number to work through the rest: 

  1. Check the radial bubble for 'Custom Amount'
  2. Enter the amount to be transferred
  3. Select that the payment method is 'Manual' from the dropdown menu
  4. Notate this manual payment is a ' Transfer from (Name of the passenger who transferred the funds)'

You've successfully canceled a passenger and transferred their funds to another passenger!

A Note On Canceled Passengers With A Non-Refundable Balance: 

If you've completed the process of canceling a passenger and transferring their funds to an active passenger, but found that the canceled passenger is still carrying a non-refundable balance, please remember to CREATE A BALANCE ADJUSTMENT to zero out that passenger's account so that they are no longer carrying a balance. This also applies if you're transferring funds from a passenger that is already fully canceled if the canceled passenger is carrying a non-refundable balance. 

Please contact us at if there are any questions about this process whatsoever!

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