I Need to Cancel My Registration on a Trip. How Do I Get My Money Back?

Requesting cancelation of your trip registration is very simple. As a passenger, simply log in to your trip dashboard. Scroll half way down and click Request Cancellation.

One the next page, review, download, and save your important trip documents, submit the required information, and click the Cancel button on the bottom.

  1. Trip documents: download and save these for your records if you wish
  2. Trip insurance documents: download and save these files so that you can make a trip protection claim and recover some of the fund invested in the trip if applicable
  3. Passenger first name
  4. Passenger last name
  5. Cancel button

Once you go through that process, you'll be taken back to the passenger dashboard where you'll see a confirmation message that your request for cancellation has been received.

Your tour operator will let you know how much money you could be due back after cancelation and recommend your next steps regarding trip protection if applicable. 

Trip Protection

An additional way to potentially reclaim funds after cancelation is with trip protection. If you selected and paid for trip protection and are ready to initiate your claim after cancelation, please check out this video for even more detail on that process.

If you have any additional questions please reach out to your tour operator or travel coordinator. We're sorry to see you cancel your registration but we hope to see you on your group's next trip! 

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