How Do I Create Lists?

You can create lists at any time to help with trip organization. First, login to your trip and click Lists in the left-hand column.

Then click Create New List.

Select from the list type (Bus, Rooming, Flight, Chaperone, or Other) and name the list, then click Save.

Rooming Lists

This is the most common list created in the system. It also has the most features due to the nature of hotel rooming lists. Here is a breakdown of how to make a hotel rooming list. To begin, click the New Room button in the upper right.

You can create a new room by setting specific rules such as gender preference, package type, and room capacity. You can even include notes pertaining to this specific room:

Click the Save Room button. You’ll be brought back to the list overview page, where you can see your newly created room. You can now add people to that room.

Helpful things to know about the list overview page: 

  1. If you click on the icon to the right of Unassigned Passengers at the top of the page, you'll see an overview of how many passengers from each group are not yet assigned to a list. 
  2. The counter for each room will tally the number of passengers, and alert you if you have overbooked or under-booked a room. Your tour operator or travel coordinator can override those alerts if need be.  
  3. Since you have set a rule for this particular room, the checkmark will be selected by default to reflect applicable passengers. You can choose to override this rule and uncheck the box if you’d like to book a non-applicable passenger.  If you don't see a passenger's name, you will need to uncheck the Filter by room preferences.
  4. Click the plus sign to the right of each passenger's name to add them to the list you're working on. This will move them from unassigned to assigned. 
  5. Once your room/s is filled, you can click on the up/down arrows to the right of each room to move and rearrange their order. This will help for exporting purposes.

Other Lists

Now that you know how to create a hotel rooming list, here are a few other links that you may find helpful.

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Exporting a List

On the Lists page, click on the list that you'd like to view and export.

Click on Export to open the filter options.

  1. With each type of list, you have a few options as to what type of format you'd like to utilize. For our example with hotels, we have premade templates for popular destinations such as Disney and Universal so that the list will export in the format in which both prefer to receive their info. You can also choose Generic - one row per room or Generic - one row per passenger. Legacy will give you the basic info and also include List Notes. Once you have selected your options, click export. This will download as a CSV file and you will be able to adjust from there.

These steps will be the same for flights, rooming, bus, and any additional lists that you may create. As always, if you need assistance with creating or exporting lists, please reach out to your tour operator or travel coordinator!

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