How Do I Register A Child For A Trip After Being Invited To Be An Account Holder?

When someone under the age of 18 attempts to register for a trip in this system, they'll be prompted to invite an adult. The adult who is invited will receive an email with a link to begin the process of becoming the adult account holder for the student traveler. The adult account holder will then be able to register the child passenger for the trip. This is the step-by-step breakdown to that process.

Accept Invitation

After clicking on the link within the invitation email, you'll be brought to the Accept Invitation page.

  1. Create a password of at least 8 characters
  2. Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy
  3. click the Create account button at the bottom of the screen

Enter YOUR Date of Birth

Then you'll be taken to a page to confirm YOUR date of birth. Do not enter the date of birth of the child passenger who invited you as this will result in you being locked out of the system.

Tell Us About Yourself

Fill in the information to begin your profile as the account holder. NOTE: you are NOT being asked to register yourself for this trip and you do NOT need to re-register the child passenger. This information is strictly so the system has the necessary information for you, the account holder.

Where Do You Live?

This is the final page necessary to complete your profile as the account holder. This information is necessary in the event something needed to be mailed to you, like a refund check.

Let The Registration Begin!

After confirming your email address and entering the trip code (if necessary), you'll be taken back to the registration website. This time you'll see a progress bar along the top with five sections indicated, so you can monitor where you are in the process.

Section 1: Account

In this section you'll provide personal details to complete your account. NOTE FOR PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: Entering your information here does not mean you're registering yourself to travel on the trip.

You'll be the account manager, which is why the system is asking for your information in this section named "Account". You'll provide your child's information in the next section named "Passengers". So to be clear, you'll answer every question in this section as it pertains to you, not your child. For example, please provide your date of birth then, click Save.

Next, complete the Tell us about yourself page. Again, please answer these questions as they pertain to you, not your child.

Next, complete the Where do you live page. If you and your child live at different addresses, please provide your address.

Section 2: Passengers

You've completed the account section! Next, you'll be asked a very important question: Will you be traveling? For this example, we'll say you are not traveling.

Note: If you are traveling, you'll select 'Yes, I will be traveling' and indicate yourself and your child as passengers for the remainder of this registration process.

Add A New Passenger

On the next screen, you'll provide your child's information as the individual who is traveling on this trip.

Review Your Passengers

Confirm everyone you indicated as a passenger. If you need to add more passengers, click the Add another passenger link near the bottom of the page.

Next, provide the address for the passenger you indicated in the previous section.

On the next page, confirm your passengers' address by clicking the Looks good button, and move on. If you see a mistake, click the Edit button near the section of information that needs to be adjusted.

Section 3: Trip Costs

You're almost half way done with registration! In this section you'll make choices on the parts of the trip that cost money. The first will be selecting a trip package for your child. "Package" normally indicates what kind of rooming accommodations.

In this example, when we select Student to see the student options, we'll see we can select a Student Quad (which means four students to a room) or a Student Double (which means two students to a room). Also of note, you'll see there is a 'join waitlist' note next to the Student Quad option. That means this package is currently sold out, and if you selected it, your child would be placed on a waitlist. To avoid that, we'll select Student Double and move on.

Next, select any trip add-ons you'd like to purchase for your child's trip. Add-ons can be anything from an extra day of the trip to group t-shirts.

The next page will be about trip protection. Most of the funds paid into group travel is non-refundable, however trip protection is designed to help passengers and families potentially recover a portion of those funds in the event a passenger does not travel.

There are two different types of trip protection: standard and enhanced. To understand the differences in these types, click on the Read full plan detail links. You also have the option to decline trip protection. Once you've made your selection, click the Save button to move on.

Review Your Trip Costs

Review the selections you've made in the trip costs section before proceeding on to the next. If everything looks good, click the Looks good button at the bottom of the screen.

Section 4: Questionnaires

This section will ask you to complete any questionnaires associated with this trip. Trip questionnaires are simply a collection of questions that your trip leader or travel provider may have for parents and passengers.

In this example, the tour operators has presented a trip questionnaire about medical information. The only required question is about airborne allergies and the rest are optional. Answer any required questions and provide any optional information you feel necessary and click Save Answers at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

Review Your Questionnaire answers

Another section completed, another page to review your answers! As usual, click the Looks good button if you're ready to move on.

Section 5: Reserve

You're in the home stretch! In this final section, the first thing you'll be asked is to provide an emergency contact for the passenger. If you are the passenger's emergency contact, please provide your own contact information.

Choose a payment method

Next you'll need to connect to a bank account or a credit card in order to make your first payment for this trip. First, input your full name as instructed. Select US bank account if you'd like to connect to a checking account, or select Card if you'd like to use a credit card.

If you'd like to connect to a bank account, start by searching for your institution in the Bank account field. Once your institution is located, select it and the system will walk you through an instant verification process.

You'll provide your online bank credentials to safely and securely connect your checking account to this system. Choosing and connecting to an account will look something like this.

NOTE: you can only connect to a checking account to make an online payment in this system

After connecting your payment method, you'll be taken to a checkout screen to review the amount due today to reserve your spot on this trip. When you are ready to execute the transaction, simply click the Pay button.

The next screen will ask if you'd like to enable AutoPay. AutoPay will ensure that you're never late for a payment because you'll be authorizing the system to charge your default payment method each time there is a trip payment due. In the event AutoPay is enabled, you'll be notified three days prior to any charge.

Then you'll see a payment receipt page. It will confirm the amount paid, payment method, date of payment and more.

Near the bottom of the screen you'll also see how this payment will show on your bank account or credit card statement. This is so you're more familiar with how this charge will look on a statement, and less likely to dispute the payment through your financial institution.

Once you have reviewed this information, you can proceed to the passenger dashboard by clicking the Done button at the bottom of the screen.

Passenger Dashboard

Congratulations! You've successfully completed the registration process! Now you can get acquainted with the passenger dashboard which is where you'll return each time you need to make a subsequent payment for this trip.

Change Your Payment Method

Follow these steps to switch your payment method. Click on the account icon in the upper right, then select Payment methods.

On the next screen, you'll see the payment methods you currently have access to. If you'd like to add another one, click the Add button.

If you want to add an additional form of payment like a credit card, select Card and provide the necessary information. Then click Save.

Now you should see multiple forms of payment on the Payment methods screen. The form of payment that was most recently added will be automatically set as the "Default". In order to change which payment method is the default, click the change default button near the bottom of the screen.

Next, select which payment method you'd like to be used as your default. After a selection was made, click Save to be taken back to the Payment methods screen. Once you confirm the proper payment method has been marked as default, click the back button on the top of the screen to return to the passenger dashboard.

NOTE: Whichever payment method is indicated as default will be the one used if AutoPay was enabled.

Invite Another User To This Account

If you'd like someone else to be able to edit information, make payments, or cancel this account, you may invite them to be an additional user. You can find the option to invite another user near the bottom of the screen or in the account menu in the upper right.

On the next screen simply type the email address of the individual you'd like to add to the account and click the Invite button. You'll be returned to the passenger dashboard after the invite has been successfully sent.

Your Journey Begins Now

That's it! You've registered, paid for the deposit of your trip, and are now familiar with the passenger dashboard so you can continue to pay and prepare for the trip. If you have any other questions, please contact your tour operator, travel coordinator, or reach out to

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