How To Apply Fundraising Money/Bulk Credit

***NOTE: Does your trip leaders' organization want to apply fundraising money/pay for a bulk credit with a credit card? Please read THIS DOCUMENT to learn how to execute that process if assistance is needed.

When planning a group trip, 'fundraising money' can sometimes be called a few things: 'bulk credits' or 'group payments', for example. 

Whatever it's called, the concept is always the same: this is when a group would like to take a large sum of money, and share it between multiple passengers, either evenly or in specific amounts.

This document will show you how trip leaders can start the process of applying that money to passenger accounts in what will be referred to as the 'bulk credit' process, that's how you'll see it listed on the registration and payment platform. 

What Trip Leaders Must Do

On the Trip Leader Dashboard, click on Bulk Credits under the Manage Trip section on the left side of the page:

On the Bulk Credits page, click on New Bulk Credit in the top right-hand corner:

On the New Bulk Credit page, Trip Leaders can name the bulk credit and list the amount as well as choose to apply the funds as a custom amount per passenger or evenly split across all passengers. For this example we'll say, "Customize funds per passenger" and click on the "Next step: Select recipients" button: 

Then, they can scroll down to the list of passengers and type in the amount they want associated to each passenger. They should be advised to keep an eye on the amount of money left to allocate as it will update in real time as money is assigned to passengers. After assigning the available funds, the button will turn blue, and change to say "Submit For Approval". They should click to proceed.

Once the admin receives the funds, they can approve the bulk credit and the funds will be applied to the correct passengers.

How Trip Leaders Can Check The Status

On the trip dashboard, trip leaders can click "Bulk Credits" to review requests submitted. This will take them back to the "Bulk Credits" page where they can see submitted bulk credit requests and the details of the submission. There will also be incomplete bulk credit drafts if any were initiated but never completed or submitted. 

Tour Operators' Next Step

After reviewing the bulk credit request, tour operators will be able to either approve the request or deny it with notes. 

Tour operators will also be informed if any overages are created as a result of this bulk credit submission and be given suggestions on how the situation could be handled. 

After clicking the "Yes, Approve This" button, the funds will be applied to the listed/selected passengers. This credit will be reflected on their payment schedules. The next payment due will be automatically adjusted to reflect any overage, so no passenger overpays or underpays. 

If there is a problem with the bulk credit, you may have to reject it by clicking the "No, Reject This" button, and requesting that the trip leader submit a new one with the appropriate corrections.

If you have any questions about this process or any others, please reach out to us at

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