Paying a Bulk Credit with a School Credit Card

Groups or schools occasionally may ask to make a bulk payment with a credit card instead of sending a check.

If you have credit card fees set up in the system, they'll be asked to pay the additional fees. They'll also have the ability to add a bank account if they choose to. 

These are the steps you as the administrator or the trip leader themselves must go through to make a bulk credit payment with a credit card. 

Step 1: Trip Leader Creates A Bulk Credit

The trip leader will need to enter the bulk credit amount. 

Step 2: Admin Creates Balance Adjustment

Next, the trip administrator must create a balance adjustment of the exact bulk credit amount on the trip leader's account. You can choose to make this refundable or non-refundable. 

Step 3: Trip Leader Adds A Billing Source & Makes Payment 

The trip leader must log into their account and click the 'Travel' tab on the top of their dashboard. There have the option to enter a billing source and process the payment. 

Step 4: Trip Administrator Issues A Manual Refund 

Once the payment has been made, a manual refund will need to be issued in order to move the funds from the trip leader's traveler account. *Note: A 'manual refund' is not refunding the credit card, rather it's part of the process for removing the payment from the trip leader's account. 

Step 5: Trip Administrator Deletes Balance Adjustment

You will delete the balance adjustment to get the trip leader's account back to $0. 

Step 6: Trip Administrator Approves The Bulk Credit

As the administrator, the final step of this process will be logging in on your own end and approving the bulk credit submission for this group.

We're developing more streamlined processes for paying bulk credits with credit cards and will keep our users informed as those are implemented. If you have any additional questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to

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