What Happens When I Cancel a Passenger With Trip Protection?

***This tutorial applies only to passengers who purchase Trip Protection provided through the GroupCollect Premier Integration with TripMate/Generali.***

To cancel a passenger with Trip Protection, on the "Trip Dashboard," click on "Find Passengers" in the left-hand column, or search for them in the search field at the top of the page using first name, and last name, or email address. If you search by email address, make sure to include the '@' symbol. 

On the "Passengers" page, click on the passenger you need to cancel:

On the "Passenger Party Details" page, find the passenger's name at the bottom of the page, and click on "Cancel."

Review the refunds that are due to the customer and confirm that they have opted into Trip Protection. You will see a statement on trip protection just beneath the section on payments and refunds. 

For a rundown on how to navigate and leverage the features of the cancellation page please check out this video: 

When you have confirmed that the refund is accurate: (1) choose the type of refund you will complete, (2) check the box to agree, and (3) click the button labeled: "Cancel (Travelers Name)":

Once the passenger has been canceled, they will receive an automatic email notification with a claim number, instructing them to contact TripMate for the remainder of their refund. Admins can view the claim instructions on the "Account Details" page which can be accessed by clicking the account email address on the "Party Passenger Details" page:

Scroll down and click "view" to see a copy of the claim email: 

Here's what the actual email looks like and says: 


ACH Transactions over 90 days are not eligible for an electronic refund and require a manual refund. The passenger will still appear on the passenger list; their status will be flagged as "Canceled by Support." 

Add-ons are not covered by Trip Protection. Only package costs are covered.

To see the claim process walkthrough click here!

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