How Do I Send Announcements To My Group?

To send announcements to your group, login to your trip and click Announcements.

Then click on New Announcement.

Creating Announcements

This is the full page where you'll create your announcement. We'll go section-by-section to breakdown your options.


You can filter which passengers you'll send your announcement to using basic filters.

or click the middle tab to filter passengers using advanced filters.

Or click the tab to the far right to send to individual recipients.

Each time you filter your passengers you'll see your list of recipients on the bottom of the screen adjust in real time.

Communication Method & Message

Here you'll choose to send your announcement by email or text and whether you'll send to account holders, passengers, or emergency contacts.

You can select to email account holders. Reminder: account holders are an adult over the age of 18 that is in charge of registration and payment for the account. On a student group trip, this would often be the parent or guardian of a child passenger. Account holders are not always passengers on the trip, but they could be.

You can select to text message account holders as well.

You can select to text passengers. Reminder: passengers are individuals that are definitely going on the trip.

You can also select to text emergency contacts. Please use this option for true emergencies only.

Send Your Announcement

After you've filtered your passengers and selected your communication method, fill out all the applicable information required (including the message itself) and click Send Announcement at the bottom on the screen.

If you have any additional questions about this feature, please reach out to your tour operator or travel coordinator.

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