How Do I Pay For A Bulk Credit With A Credit Card

You may need to make a bulk credit payment with a credit card instead of sending a check or wiring money. Note: this method incurs transaction fees. Also note that passenger deposit payments cannot be made with a credit card bulk credit. However, if the bulk credit is in the form of a check, then it can be paid towards a passenger's deposit.

These are the steps you as the trip leader must go through to make a bulk credit payment with a credit card.

Login to your account and click Bulk Credits.

Then click on New Bulk Credit.

Type in the name of your bulk credit and the total amount of funds needed to apply to the passenger/passengers, then click Save.

Next, find each passenger that you'll need to apply funds to. In this case, we have a $100 credit going towards passenger Jenny Burke. Type in the correct amount in the allocated box. Then click Submit.

Once submitted, the system will ask the trip leader if they'd like to pay the credit electronically or manually, click electronically. They may also add an additional note about the bulk credit in this section. Press Save once you're done.

Click Looks Good if everything looks correct.

If everything looks correct, add the credit card information on the payment details page. Then click Pay.

You'll then be brought to the payment receipt page to confirm your payment toward your passenger or passengers.

If you have any additional questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to your tour operator or travel provider.

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