How to Set Up A Trip

Ready to set up a trip in GroupCollect? Click “Create Trip” located to the right of your Active Trips

Trip Details:

Clicking the "Create Trip" button will take you to the trip details page. This is where you can enter the trip dates, trip destinations, and more.

Make sure to hit “Save Trip” at the bottom of the Trip Details page to save your work:

Add-ons and Packages:

Trip Minimum and Limit:

Set your trip’s registration minimum and registration limit on this page


To set up different packages available for the trip, click “Add Package” in the Packages section:

By clicking “Add Package”, you’ll be redirected to the “Create Package” page. This is where you can add the name of the package, the price, and the description. Make sure to save your package once you’re done:


Add-ons are extra group expenses that aren't included in the original itinerary or cost of the trip, but passengers can add them to their trip for an additional price.

You can createAdd-ons can also be added on this page if any are being offered for the trip.

The payments section is where you can configure your trip's payment schedule, non-refundable dates, and payment date restrictions.

Payment Schedule:

When configuring a payment schedule, start with your final payment date:

Click the "Add Another Payment" button to then add your deposit amount and date:

Click "Add Another Payment" to continue to add the rest of the payment dates.

Non-Refundable Dates:

Enter the dates on which trip payments become non-refundable for passengers:

Payment Date Restrictions:

Enter when the passengers can start and stop making trip payments:


Add any questions your passengers will need to answer, also this is where they can enter their medical information:

Add your important documents here by clicking "New Trip Document":

Also, add your Terms and Conditions here, waivers, important schedules etc.

Registration Page:

The registration page can be shared with anyone, anywhere. From it, passengers will be able to register with a single click.

Use this page to show the trip's itinerary, brag about how cool past trips were, and get people excited. Make sure to add your trip itinerary to the itinerary box on the right.

Want to learn how to create next-level registration pages? CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE for tips on jazzing up your registration page.

As always, if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to

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