What is 'Archived' Status?

The ‘Archive’ status is most commonly used by tour operators after a trip is over. It’s ideal for ensuring no further passenger activity whenever a situation calls for it. It will pause all passenger features such as payments, payment reminders, passenger registration, and editing of passenger information.

How does archiving the trip affect travelers? 

Changing to the 'Archived' status will not send out any automated emails, but your passengers will see ‘Archived’ as the trip status on their account dashboard. 

Can I still edit after archiving?

Yes!. Tour operator features remain active even when the status is switched to 'Archived'. Best of all, tour operators always have the ability to unarchive the trip when necessary. 

What are some other situations where a trip should be archived?

Archiving a trip could come in handy in the event of a canceled trip, especially if you're concerned about travelers who are on an auto-pay schedule. Archiving the trip is likely the most efficient and definitive way to ensure passengers will not be charged additional payments for a canceled trip. 

After archiving, tour operators will have the opportunity to reconcile each passenger account and as discussed, even unarchive the trip later on if it is rescheduled.

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