How Do I Edit A Rejected Bulk Credit Submission?

Creating and submitting bulk credits is easy in GroupCollect. Need a refresher course? Check out THIS VIDEO for a recap. 

However, when a bulk credit is rejected by the tour operator, it could sometimes be a pain for trip leaders. Previously, they would've had to create a new bulk credit from scratch and resubmit. Fortunately, that's no longer the case.

Now if a bulk credit is rejected, all you need to do is navigate to the 'Bulk Credit' section from the dashboard, review the notes explaining why it was rejected, and click on the 'Resume Editing' button to fix the existing bulk credit submission.

Then click the 'Edit Bulk Credit Amount' button on top to adjust the amount of the bulk credit, or click the boxes next to the passengers to change who the money is being assigned to. 

Finally, click the 'Submit For Approval' button when the necessary adjustments have been made and the bulk credit will be submitted once again. 

Now editing a rejected bulk credit couldn't be easier! We hope this improvement saves time and makes using GroupCollect even better than before. If you have any questions about this update please reach out to us. Take care! 

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