How Do I Clone a Trip?

Sometimes you'll need to recreate a trip for recurring tenants. GroupCollect has built-in a function that makes it easy to clone trips! 

On the "Active Trips" page, type in the trip that you want to clone then click on the trip name:

On the "Trip Dashboard," select "Trip Details" in the left-hand column:

Click "Clone" at the bottom of the page next to Save Trip. 

The items that will be cloned, in addition to the trip name, are: 

  • Packages
  • Add-ons 
  • Payment Schedule
  • Selections
  • Documents

At this point, you can change any of these items to reflect the details of the new trip. Be sure to adjust the payment dates and the registration link! You can choose to offer Trip Protection by clicking on the sliding bar in the "Offer Trip Protection" window:

You can create a custom registration link for your passengers as well on this page!

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