How Do My Passengers Register?

When you have a new trip, your passengers have two ways to sign up! They can register through your account URL or through the "Trip Registration Page."


Passengers will head to the Login/Registration page. New users will need to follow the prompts to create and confirm their account before they can register for the trip. Returning customers will need to log in and enter the registration code for their new trip:

New passengers must confirm their email before they can finish setting up their account: 

Passengers will receive a confirmation email with a link to finish setting up their account:

In the confirmation email, they'll click on the link:

Now they have an active account, they can begin registering for the trip by entering the trip registration code and answering any questions the system asks:

When passengers register, the system will ask them for the spelling of their name, medical information, emergency contact information, etc. Only after all of these questions are answered will the system allow them to pay their deposit. 


A passenger can obtain the direct URL to the "Trip Registration Page" from their trip leader or tour operator. As an Admin, you can copy the URL by heading to the "Trip Registration Page" and clicking on the "Copy" icon to the right of the URL in the top right-hand corner. You can then share it with anyone who wants to register for the trip. Notice that the Admin View and the Passenger View are different:

Admin View:

Passenger View:

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