Signing Documents

For documents that need signatures, such as our Terms and Conditions, payment schedules, travel waiver and permission slips, our system mandates that either the passenger or a parent, guardian, etc. over 18 years old of the passenger digitally signs this document. Once these documents are signed, you can move forward with the registration process, including making trip payments!

When you log onto your account, you'll come to your main dashboard. You'll see there is a document that requires your signature:

Click on the blue "Add Missing Info" button at the bottom of the page:

This will take you to the document that you need to read and sign, then click the "I Agree" button:

Now you will see that the document has been signed:

You can now complete the registration process!

Are you a visual learner? Check out the "Helpful Videos" link below to find a video that discusses this subject!

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