How Do I Register for My New Trip?

***Note: If you have questions about a specific part of the registration process, you might find answers faster by checking our MINI REGISTRATION VIDEOS

We're excited to hear you're registering for a trip! Registration should be fast and easy, but it always helps to have step-by-step instruction, which is exactly what this article will provide. 

Don't feel like reading? Watch this video! It'll walk you through the entire registration process in under 10 minutes! 

Trip Registration Page

If your group leader has set up a registration page, they'll provide you with a link that will take you to page that looks like this: 

After checking out the itinerary and trip video, click on the 'Register For This Trip' button on the right.

Create An Account

Next, you'll have to create an account. Add in your email address and create a password. 

Confirmation Email

After entering that info and clicking 'Create Account' you'll see this page with instructions on how to find your confirmation email. 

Once you locate the email it will look like this in your inbox:

Can't find the email? Common issues are: 

  • Email was entered in wrong. If so, scrap that take and start over. 
  • Email was sorted to a spam folder. If so, search for "Confirm Your Email Address" and indicate that the email is not spam. 

This is what the body of the email will look like:

Click the link in the body of the email or copy/paste the link at the bottom to confirm your email. 

Trip Code

You'll be taken back to the registration platform. Enter in your trip code (provided by your group leader) and click 'Proceed'.


Enter in the name of the passenger that will be going on this trip. If this account will have multiple passengers traveling on the same trip, click 'Add Trip Passenger' and add the next passengers name. Repeat for as many passengers as you have going on this trip.

Your Dashboard

After your passenger(s) are added, you'll be taken to your trip dashboard!

Registration Information

Click 'submit the remaining information' to continue with registration. On the first page, enter your basic information and click 'Save Information' on the bottom.

Then enter an emergency contact. 

Then choose a package. Each package will be determined by your group leader. They will often determine your room accomodations and the cost of your trip. 

Then choose a package. Each package option will be set by your group leader. They will determine your room accomodations and the cost of your trip.

On the next page, if your trip has any 'Add-ons' ie: optional snorkeling trip, you'll decide on that here: 

Trip Protection

Then you'll decide on a trip protection insurance policy. Trip protection helps to protect your investment in this trip if plans change and you can no longer go. In some instances, if you purchase a trip protection policy you could be eligible to receive some of your non-refundable payments if your trip is cancelled or you do not go. Click the 'Read Full Details' link for more information. 

During registration you can choose from 3 options: 'Standard', 'Enhanced' or 'Decline' protection. Consider your options carefully and make a selection to proceed. 

Next, if your group leader has questions for this trip registration you'll be take to the 'Trip Questionnaire'

Finally, you'll enter in medical information if you'd like to disclose thing like allergy information and dietary restrictions


You'll be taken back to your dashboard, but your registration (and your trip protection policy) is not yet complete! You have to make a payment to reserve your seat and activate your trip protection policy. To do so, click 'Proceed to Payment'

The recommended method of payment is to pay via your bank account. You can instantly connect your bank account to this platform by clicking the 'Select' button next to Recommended Method (Instant) option. If you have questions or concerns about connecting your bank account to this platform, please take a moment to watch our Payment & Data Security Video For Passengers

Select 'Continue' to connect your bank account using Plaid.  

Find your bank. Don't see it? Running into errors? You can still connect to your bank account using Manual Verification. <---Click that link to learn how.

If you continue with instant verification, enter in your bank credentials and click 'Submit'. 

After you've connected your account select which account you'd like to use and click 'Continue'. 

Once you've successfully connected your account, your payment method page will now have your selected payment source displayed on the left. 

Proceed to the 'Make a Payment' page and look for the 'Suggested Amount'. This should be the amount you need to pay to successfully reserve your spot on this trip and activate your trip protection policy. Check the bubble and click 'Make Payment'. 

You'll be taken to a payment receipt page. 

Your dashboard will now reflect your full registration. 

Hey! I Never Got A Link To A Registration Page!

That's ok! All that means is your group leader has not set up a registration page. However, they should provide you with the following: 

  • A link to the registration platform
  • A trip registration code

When you follow the link the first thing you'll see is the screen to log in or create an account

Then after going through the email confirmation process (as described above) you'll be asked to provide the trip code: 

From there, you'll proceed through the registration process exactly as described above. 

See our FULL-LENGTH WALKTHROUGH  or our MINI REGISTRATION VIDEOS for assistance with any part of the registration process. We hope this helps in bringing you one step closer to your trip of a lifetime! 

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