Can I Make Partial Payments? Use Multiple Cards?

Can you make partial payments for you trip and use multiple cards? Yes! 

Check out this video for a rundown on how to do both [LESS THAN 4 MINUTES]: 

Partial Payment

First, a best practice is to check out your payment timeline. From the dashboard, click on the 'View Payment Timeline' button to review what you've paid and what payments you have coming up:
Then click 'Proceed to Payment'
Then click 'Custom Amount' and enter in how much you'd like to pay. Click the blue 'Make Payment' button to finalize the transaction.

Multiple Cards (Or Payment Methods) 

Before making any payment, it is strongly recommended that you verify the payment method you are about to pay with. If you look just below the 'Make Payment' button you can easily see what payment method you're about to pay with. 

If the payment method listed is NOT how you'd like to pay, or you'd simply like to add an additional payment source, click 'Change Payment Method'. You'll then be taken to the 'Setup Payment Methods' screen.
You'll see you have two main options here: 
1) Pay with a bank account: Instantly connect with you bank account and avoid convenience fees! This is the most highly recommended method to pay. Instant verification not working? Select the 'Fallback Method' which is also known as "Manual Verification".
2) Pay with a card: Want to add another credit card? Click the 'Select' button next to where it says 'Authorize Credit or Bank Card'. Remember that paying with a credit or bank card will in most cases incur a convenience fee. If you proceed with this method, enter in your card information on the next page. 
Whether you connect to a bank account or add another card, you'll be redirected back to the 'Change Payment Method' page where you'll see you now have multiple payment methods to choose from: 
You may keep both payment methods and alternate between them or you can delete one if necessary. To do that click the 'Delete...' link directly beneath the payment method you'd like to remove. 
Once you have all your payment methods sorted exactly how you'd like, click 'Jump Back To Trip'. 
Click 'Proceed to Payment' once again. 
Then click 'Custom Amount', type in the amount you'd like to pay and click 'Make Payment'. 
You'll be taken to a confirmation page, offered to enroll in auto-pay, then back to the dashboard where you can confirm payment a second way by checking out the payment timeline once again. 

Need To Make Another Partial Payment Right Away With Another Payment Source?

Simply repeat all the steps listed in this article: 

  1. Click 'Proceed to Payment' 
  2. Click 'Change Payment Method'
  3. Connect to a bank account or add another credit cardSelect the new payment method from the 'Setup Payment Methods' screen 
  4. Click 'Jump Back To Trip'
  5. Click 'Proceed to Payment'
  6. Click 'Custom Amount' enter in how much you'd like to pay
  7. Verify your payment method is correct
  8. Click 'Make Payment'

We hope this helps! Please reach out to your trip leader or tour operator with additional questions.

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