What Features Can My Trip Leaders See?

When a tenant assigns a passenger as a trip leader, that passenger will be able to access mid-level features to help with the trip planning process. They can create lists, send announcements, view passenger lists and look at various reports in the trip. They can also view the progress of registration by referring to the passenger funnel (Pending, Deposit paid, Comps, and Possible passenger totals), and Trip Limits to view how the registration of this trip is progressing. They can see package breakdowns too, to see which package each traveler has signed up for. 

Trip leaders can see not only their own passenger information (payment schedules, selection options, contact information, medical info, etc.), but also details about the trip by clicking on the appropriate link in the left-hand column, either "Passenger Dashboard" or "Trip Leader Dashboard":

The trip leader can also see their own information by clicking on "Passenger Dashboard" at the top of the page:

Note: Trip leaders do not see the complete list of reports. Administrator account holders can see the complete list of reports, including Trip Ledger and Revenue reports. 

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