How Do I Add, Verify, & Change My Payment Source?

Adding, verifying, or changing your payment source is easy to do. Check it out: 

Adding A Payment Source 

If you've registered and would like to make a payment, click on ‘Add Billing Info' from the dashboard. 

You have a total of three options: two methods to connect your bank account directly in the 'Pay with Bank Account' section, and the option to add a credit card in the 'Pay with Card' section. Please note that paying with a credit card will incur processing fees.

Pay with Bank Account

There are two options in this section, 'Recommended Method (Instant)' or the 'Fallback Method’ (Takes 1-2 business days). The recommended method will help you connect to your bank account directly using Stripe. You'll locate your bank from a list of eligible institutions, add your bank credentials, and then be instantly verified. This secure method is very fast and easy which is why it's the recommended method. 

However, some passengers are not able to utilize this method because their bank is not one of the eligible institutions or they've encountered an error. If that's the case, and you still want to use your bank account, you have the option to select the 'Fallback Method' which is also known as manual verification. Here's a video to give you an explanation of what manual verification is and how to do it: Adding, verifying, or changing your payment source is easy to do. Here is a video to give you an explanation of what manual verification is and how to do it.

Verifying your Payment Source

Any time you log into the system while in the process of manual verification, you'll see a button on your dashboard that will give you the option to 'Verify Bank Account'. 

If you click on 'Verify Bank Account' it will take you to a page where you can input your micro deposit amounts and complete the manual verification process. 

Change Your Payment Source

Whether you've instantly or manually verified your bank account, or added a credit card, you can always change your payment source from the dashboard. Simply log in and look to the middle of the screen on the right hand side. You'll see your current payment source and a small gear icon along with the words ‘Edit Payment Methods’

Click 'Edit Payment Methods' and you'll be taken back to the 'Ways To Pay' page where you'll be able to select from any of the other methods of payment that you'd prefer to use. If you have any questions on how to pay, add a payment source, verify or change a payment source, we're here for you. Reach out to us for further assistance and we'll help get you set to easily make payments for your upcoming trip. Until then, take care! 

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